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Game Night Bundle

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"Pick Your Pic"🤳🏽is a fast-paced and hilariously creative tabletop card game where players combine adjective and noun cards with their own photos📱and social media finds to create hilarious and unexpected pairings. It's a game that promises fun and laughter for all ages, challenging creativity and encouraging wacky interpretations.


"Song Survivor" 🎶👨🏿‍🎤is the music-filled tabletop card game with two exciting ways to play, choose your level and prepare for a lyrical showdown!

In EASY mode, you aim to sing the best song related to the card's word to entertain the group, focusing on fun over skill.

In HARD mode, the challenge is to stay in the game by singing the right songs linked to the word. If you mess up or can't find a song in time, you're out. No tech help is allowed, making it a more challenging brain battle.

Can you sing your way to win? 🎵🎵🎵


"Hood You Rather?" Embrace the hood culture with our unforgettable hood spin on Would You Rather. We've taken relatable stories and experiences and turned them into ridiculous mind-blowing scenarios and inside jokes for instant debate.

  • Best for groups of 4-10 people 
  • Includes 200 Cards
  • Safe for 17+
  • Released in Q4 2022

Tag videos & photos of your friends and family playing #HoodYouRather on Instagram and Facebook and we'll follow back.

For More information see How To Play.


The hilarious tabletop party card game that focuses on slang, drinking, and comedic creativity!

🤪 WTF IS DOIN THE MOST? The wild drinking party card game that has everything from awkward dancing to loony brain teasers to serenading shots (whaaaat?)... but you can still totally play if you don’t drink alcohol.

🧐 HOW DO I PLAY? One by one, each person competes in physical or verbal challenges to impress the rotating “Shot Caller”. The winner gets the card, while everyone else drinks.

😎 IS THIS A SLANG GAME? The cards are all about the challenges, although some cards are inspired by slang. THINK OF 3 SLANG TERMS FOR SEX, RIGHT NOW… GO! Easy, right?

😈 WHO CAN PLAY? Adults 21+, especially your potty-mouthed parents and grandparents. It’s perfect for game nights, parties, pre-gaming, vacation, or any time you wanna turn up.

🤑 WHAT’S INSIDE? 120 cards, 1 dice, 1 instruction booklet, 1 dope DTM sticker.