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Hood You Rather
Hood You Rather
Hood You Rather
Hood You Rather
Hood You Rather
Hood You Rather

Hood You Rather

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Embrace the hood culture with our unforgettable hood spin on Would You Rather. We've taken relatable stories and experiences and turned them into ridiculous mind-blowing scenarios and inside jokes for instant debate.

  • Best for groups of 4-10 people 
  • Includes 200 Cards
  • Safe for 17+
  • Released in Q4 2022

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For More information see How To Play.

*Game takes 1-3 days to ship. Click here for shipping details.


1,000’s of scenarios with unlimited gameplay potential.

Be cool under pressure, quick-witted and convincing to secure the bag with debates on pop culture, music, Black history, and the Black experience–it’s classic and authentic hood fun.


Players choose from two outrageous scenarios and openly debate which is the best option with facts, opinions, or jokes to convince the Judge to side with them and win the card.